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2 years ago

DVD Peak

I had a couple of weeks since I had seen Gina, so he made an appointment yesterday afternoon and have filmeseroticos a good time. We went to the water park and climbed a little fun when we noticed some movement out of the car ! we have a show car on the outside of foreigners. I had begun to establish Ginas tits and she jerks the cock lifted my skirt and spread her legs on the dashboard for the kids to see, I have the inner light in which she could look good. , After a while, Gina asked if a stranger suck out the window! so I rolled down the window filmeseroticos and it apeared two cocks Gina began sucking in earnest in the tails, it was not long before they both came in the mouth for the lot. Swollowed Then we heard from a man, why not go back for a gangbang ourplace ! I looked and there was a black man, who had seen a couple of weeks, said Gina, I like that. As we followed the man into his car to his house. On the way Gina told me notwant to fuck, like her husband had hidden the pill and had lost for three weeks so you are not pregnant. When we wanted to get to hell, the guy said I hope you do not mind, but I have some friends here, but just want to see, I told Gina, but was glad that Gina masturbating bird They brought to the room and filmeseroticos took so thay came penises and started feeling like I was watching and had my dick then. Gina sucking two cocks together the other guy fingers her pussy, I could say that Gina was and stood back and said, Master I want to feel black cock in me! I said, well, provided they are removed before running ! She was as hot as hell, and I have seen black man for the first time between her legs and shoved his cock into her wet cunt. I was an idiot when he said insult to them, as well as give you a white bitch black mans cum sluts pussy started your crap! Gina filmeseroticos was gone and do not be saying things like, fuck ms difficult to get black dick in me, a black mans shagmeat ! She said, 'Oh, but do not cum in me filmeseroticos without protection! The type of shit you said, do not give a shit is going to take filmeseroticos my load, which gives a shit if filmeseroticos you become pregnant with that followed, he moaned as Gina cried Oh shit oh shit, give me a black baby Mans spunk to me as the first man took her and the other two guys have to her├żey shit load becomes filmeseroticos then changed back to hell, while I was jerking my cock. After finishing with Gina saw was full of courage and mourn for that, I would do if she was pregnant with a baby black and what they say to her husband, felt her wet pussy and got her and took the sloppy pussy Gina was with my tail extending well and I shot my load inside. We clean and I went home from a road away from where she lives. Both our respective partners have no secrets kinky idea, but now wehave to wait to see if Gina is, after four men fuck pregnant unprotected. Watch this space --------------

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